Filippo Maggia



The Venetian photographer Luca Campigotto, someone rather similar to Bruce Chatwin with his insatiable need to travel, though he substitutes the pen with his camera lens in order to recount the elegance of distant places in the same way as he would huge cities. These are learned, refined images, brimming with history and a sense of expectation, and with the silent, respectful wandering from place to place that reminds us of nineteen-century photography - when knowledge of a place arrived slowly, day by day. The photographs of Campigotto are, then, the synthesis of a personal journey, and they enclose in themselves the very soul of the places, as though they were the necessary records of a world on the point of disappearing... His gaze, overflowing with cinematic and literary allusions to both high and popular culture, has the ability to transform classical views into a mystic vision.

da Due, Skira, Milano 2009

copyright © 2013 Luca Campigotto

Luca Campigotto